Does anyone know of a workaround or fix for the following please...

"A security enhancement was added to NMAS 2.3.4 regarding Universal
Passwords changed by an administrator. It works basically the same way as
the feature previously provided for NDS Password. If an administrator
changes a user's password, such as when creating a new user or in response
to a help desk call, for security the password is automatically expired if
you have enabled the setting to expire passwords in the Password Policy.
The setting is named “Number of days before password expires (0-365)” in
the Password Policy under Advanced Password Rules. For this particular
feature, the number of days is not important, but the setting must be
Taken from "Novell Password Management"

I,m using IDM3 in netware6.5 with AD driver on server2003(no client, only
zen7 agent). If I change the password in AD, (which is what I want) it
expires, instead of putting it forward 60 days.