My customer currently using Dirxml1.1a to synchronize user password between
AD and edir, users are required to change password from windows

Now the customer wants to upgrade from Dirxml1.1a to IDM3.0:
the question is can I uninstall the previous Dirxml1.1a componenets and
reinstall IDM3.0, if yes, any procedures to perform a clean uninstall,ie,
all Dirxml1.1 related components including: plugins, password sync
compponenets, and Dirxml acssociation that built up for each user?
Do I have to follow the upgrade procedures stated in the admin guide?
Another question is how to enable universal password for each user if there
is no novell client installed in the customer's enviroment, and users will
not access IDM self-service portal?
Any help is appreciated.