We are in the process of implementing a IDV which must synchronise various
attributes from the eDirectory Identity Vault to a different class within
the Netscape LDAP directory server.

The attributes are supposed to sync to a seperate class within the Netscape
server called mailRecipient.

The attribute that must be synchronised is called
NSCP:mailAleternateAddress, and that must be synchronised to the
mailAlternateAddress attribute within the Netscape server.

The schema mapping policies have been setup to accomodate this as wel the
attribute mappings.

However when the object is being sent to the LDAP directory we receive the
following error:

<status event-id="IDV-LNX1#20060512122326#99#0"
level="error">LDAPException: Object Class Violation (65) Object Class Violation
LDAPException: Server Message: attribute "mailAlternateAddress" not allowed

LDAPException: Matched DN: <operation-data>
<module>Netscape Directory</module>

The key too this error according to me is the following message:

LDAPException: Object Class Violation (65) Object Class

Any assistence with this will be greatly appreciated.