I'm sorry if this drags on but I'm currently deploying IDM 3 into a
environment which has Windows 2000/2004, Netware 6.5 and NT4. I have a
some question's which I seek clarification on before I deploy the software.

My Environment:-

1) I have just installed a IDM Vault server on Windows 2003 with
edirectory installed in it's own tree. I would like the user environment
replication like it currently is in my Netware environment ie .My users

2) I have a Netware 6.5 environment which is split over 2 sites which
has a 6.5 server which is MASTER for it's own site and a R/W for
the other site and vice versa. My users are in

3) I have a Windows 2000/2003 AD and my users are located in the

4) I have a NT Domain (which is currently been phased out) but is
required for the time being.


1) Do I need to install the IDM software and eDirectory driver on both
Netware 6.5 servers and create a edir 2 edir connection with the Vault
on both servers.

2) Would I create the driver as a flat, mirrored or department for
question 1.

3) If I was to direct all admin on to one Windows 2003 DC I quess I
would only need to install the remote loader/driver and password sync
filer on this and not all

4) How would I set up the driver for the Windows 2003 and NT4 domains

Sorry if this is a newbie question but just need some clarification as
the documentation doesn't go into much detail.

Thanks for all off your time.