I am doing an IDM3 integration and I am running into the following problem:
Our organization as the following structure in Microsoft AD:

----> Company 1
----> Site 1
----> Department 1
----> User 1
----> User 2
----> User X
----> Department 2
----> Department X
----> Site 2
----> Site X
----> Company 2
----> Company X

For a number of reasons (mostly political) we have opted to setup the
following eDir structure:

----> Company 1
----> User 1
----> User 2
----> User X
----> Company 2
----> Company X

With this setup, the placement rule is neither flat not mirrored, somewhere
in the middle.
I was able to make everything works except for a Company/site/department to
Company/site/department Move from MAD (doing the Move in eDir works fine).

I have a transform policy in the publisher channel that should take care of
the moving the user to the proper OU in eDIR:
set operation destination DN(dn(Operation
Property("dst-ou")+"\"+Destination Name()))
(With dst-ou populated with the proper destination "ParentCompany\Company")

While the same policy works just fine for a new user in the Placement
policy, the above will fail with a "code (-9039) Element <parent> does not
have a valid association" during a move.

I think I understand the message, and it seems accurate (the MAD OU below
the ParentCompany\Company level do not have an association in eDir), I do
not know how to get around it. I am actually surprised that I am not
getting a similar problem during a create...

Any suggestion will be welcome.