Not sure if I should be posting this question here or in the other
forum....Maybe this is a stupid question, but I am a bit confused...

I understand that the User Application Module with Identity Manager 3 is
a robust tool that provides the ability for workflow provisioning, an
eGuide on steroids, and many more 'services'. I am confused about
the 'best/correct' way to implement user password self-service with
Identity Manager 3. From what I understand, you can implement password
self-service with Universal Password with Identity Manager without using
the User Application Module. But the User Application Module does allow
for user password self-service, right? Is it better/necessary to use the
User Application Module for password self-service?

Workflow provisioning (and the other services provided with the User App)
is something we want to implement eventually, but not anytime in the near
future. However, we will be implementing password self-service soon after
we get IDM up and running, and we are trying to figure out the correct
way to implement password self-service with Identity Manager 3.

Any clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jordan