Hi All,

I had created JDBC driver and already migrate users. Then customer wants
me to create default attribute value for "qmail".

So I've created new attributes such as "mailQuotaSize" in a new
class "qmailUser class".

Then I've created IDM rules to fill in default value of qmailQuotaSize "2000" in
both creation (for new users) and command transform (for existing users,
users after migration).

For new users synchronized from DB to eDir, it create default value "2000" in
attribute qmailQuotaSize.

But for existing users it didn't create default value to new attribute.

1) If I export the JDBC Driver then delete the driver then import it again, it
will create default value for new attribute or not ?

2) If "1)" doesn't work, How to fill in the default attributes value ?

Please help.