First off I just want to warn everyone that I'm a noob when it comes to
IDM drivers.

I have a CSV file generated by an application. I want the text driver to
process the CSV and add users or modify users based on what is in the CSV.

This is the schema of my CSV:

User ID, SAS:Login Configuration, Given Name, Surname, uscManager,
Unused, uscCompID, Unused, Unused, Change Type

Here is what a typical line in my CSV file looks like:

[Mon May 8 03:45:00 CST 2006] - TSchaffer, Passw0rd, Tim, Schaffer,
NC320, null, 599810, null, null, Modify

I am having difficulty with two things.

The first thing is I need to strip the date and time off of the User ID.
Every User ID value will be prefixed with open bracket, date, time,
closed bracket, space, dash, space. I need to strip everything off
starting with the last space.

The second thing is the last attribute in the csv is a change type. The
change type could be add, modify, or delete.

If the change type value is add I want to add a user populated with the
attributes and values in the CSV.

If the change type value is modify I want to update an existing user with
the attribute values in the CSV.

If the change type value is delete I want to simply delete a user from

So does anyone have ideas of how I strip the date from the user ID, and
how to make the operation a add, delete, or modify based on the change
type in the CSV?

Thanks in advance!

Tim Schaffer
US Cellular