I am wanting to override some of the GCVs and default driver parameters in
order to do several things i.e. name the new mailfile on an add event.
From my research, I am going to need to apply some stylesheets to do this.
The problem is, I'm not sure where in the subscriber channel to do this so
that the proper attributes get used instead of the defaults. I am running
IDM 3 on NW 6.5 connecting to Domino 7 on a W2k3 server in a lab
environment. The default driver is working fine. I just want to be able to
do some custom ACL stuff, replication stuff, etc using AdminP.

From a previous post, I read the following:

"modify your policy such that the current Mailfile xml attribute (which
will currently be ignored) is an <add-attr> child element to the <add>

Where do I set this up? Do I use the policy builder, or am I going to need
to drop in a style sheet? Which policy would this fall under?