We are working with IDM 3, SAPHR driver 1.1.1 and SAP R3 5.0 ECC.
The language for SAP is set to dutch.
Within SAP they use diacritic symbols, like financ´eel (hope it is seen
in this message) and umlauts. Normally we can filter these with translate
Butů. Even before we receive the documents the driver gets an error and
stops working.

This happens while parsing the iDoc. In the traces on the SAP system we
get :
No Character Set Encoding Specified. Using default encoding: ISO8859_1

Part of the iDoc gets rewritten to a .fail. In that iDoc there are
objects with diacritic symbols.

Immediately after that we get Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions
and the driver chrashes.

If we adjust the driver configuration it states that the encoding is not
supported or the driver starts to look for the meta file. We are working
with HRMD_A06 and that one cannot be created with the metamap utility.
A SAP engineer told me they use ICU version 2.6.1 Unicode version 4.0.

Does anybody know what values we can set in the Character Set Encoding
Are there any other possibilities to overcome these problems? Except for
telling SAP not to use diacritic symbols.

Thanks very much in advance.