I am trying to setup an Edir2Edir connection and when I try and start
the drivers I get this error on my W2K3 box running IDM3. The AD Driver
is running just fine on this box.

The Edir2Dir driver connects to an IDM3 box running NW6.5.
On this box the driver "Appears" to start but as soon as I check the
"status" it shows stopped. So I do not get an error message but it does
not seem to actually start as it shows.

I attempted to create an Edir2Edir Cert using Designer 2.02M, but this
failed with a -702 error. I used Imanager to create my cert and that
went through without a problem. I redeployed both drivers and the
"Authentication ID" on both drivers ( As viewed via Imanger ) seem to
point to the appropriate cert for each tree.

( This value was added automatically and not manually so I presume no
typographical errors.)

Any thoughts? Are there log files I should be looking at? (Well I know
there are, but I have not found them yet.) The obvious one on the
Imanager Drive OverView screen do not show any errors.