I have IDM 2.0.1 running on a NW6.5sp5 server connecting to AD using remote
loader on a W2K3sp1. Password sync and everything seems to run fine other
than a small issue with Nsure audit.

My question has to do with creating users. I use I manager to create users
and I use Templates. The templates assign users to various groups. My
problem is I would like for the template to add the new user to a AD groups
as well as eDir groups. The reason that I say AD and eDir groups is that
there was a time when we were not using IDM and the groups were created in
either AD or eDir. I have checked and the groups are associated in both
directories. I can add the groups to the templates but the user does not
become a member of the group. I have to go to ADUC to add users to the AD
groups they need.