Like alot of you, we're a mixed Windows/Linux shop. Windows on the
desktop while Linux hosts infrastructure services, including

We need to offer Active Directory as an authentication/authorization
system for Windows while (hopefully) continuing to host the eDirectory
server on a SuSE SLES 9 server for Linux authentication/authorization.

The documentation for the Identity Manager AD driver implies that
synchronization of user data, including passwords, is possible while
hosting the Identity Manager service on a Linux server. However, when
I install Identity Manager, there is no option to install the Active
Directory driver. That option is available when installing Identity
Manager on a Windows server.

Is there an option to install an Active Directory driver on a Linux
based Identity Manager installation so as to provide bidirectional data
synchronization between AD and the Identity Vault?

I suspect the answer is no, which leaves me the option of installing
Identity Manager (with eDirectory) on a Windows Server with the AD
driver to provide bidirectional data synchronization between AD and
the Identity Vault.

If I still want to maintain the eDirectory instance on the Linux SLES
9 server, I can install the eDirectory driver with Identity Manager and
configure bidirectional data synchronization between the Identity Vault
and the Linux eDirectory instance.

At least I think so ;-)

Has anyone performed a similar setup at their site and can offer some
insights on a way to do what I want?


Mark Andrews
Senior Linux Administrator
IDT Entertainment Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada