I'm running IDM 2.0x and the LDAP driver version 1.8 to connect to Oracle's
OID 10g.

The problem that I have is that a multi-valued attribute in the ID Vault and
in OID's schema that do not match. When I send an update from the vault to
OID I get a failed to modify error because the value that the vault is
trying to replace cannot be found in OID. See the following error.

[04/26/06 09:46:54.142]: OID10g-Prod ST: OID10g-Prod: LDAP Modify:

LDAPModification: (operation=delete,(LDAPAttribute:
{type='telephonenumber', value='619-259-3174'}))

LDAPModification: (operation=add,(LDAPAttribute: {type='telephonenumber',

[04/26/06 09:46:54.183]: OID10g-Prod ST: OID10g-Prod:
LDAPInterface.doLDAPModify() Modify Error: LDAPException: No Such Attribute
(16) No Such Attribute

LDAPException: Server Message: 619-259-3174 not found for attribute

I have tried the following rule to clean the destination attribute value
before the changed but the new value is not inserted.

<rule disabled="true">

<description>Value Clean and Add - Telephone Number




<if-op-attr name="Telephone
Number" op="changing"/>




<do-clear-dest-attr-value name="Telephone
Number" when="before"/>

<do-set-dest-attr-value disabled="true"
name="Telephone Number">

<arg-value type="string">

name="Telephone Number"/>





I would appreciate any help with this issue.