In our production environment, we are using IDM 2.01 on NW6 to sync eDir user accounts/passwords with AD. (One way sync from eDir to AD). In preparation for a NW6.5 and IDM3, we were planning on doing the following:

1 - Install a new NW6.5 box in the tree with iManager 2.5
2 - Install IDM 2.01 on the NW6.5 box
3 - export the driver in the production environment
4 - remove IDM 2.01 services on the NW6 box
5 - modify IP addresses so that the new NW6.5 box has the IP address of the NW6 box (and visa-versa)
6 - import the driver (that was exported above)
7 - test to make sure that everything syncs properly when passwords are changed, a new user is added, etc...

Before doing the above in the production environment, we are testing in the test lab. We have come across a weird problem: when a new user is created, the account is sync'ed when the user changes his password upon initial login. However, any password changes after that are not sync'ed.

Any idea's on what is going on? Do I need to update to IDM 2.02? If so, where do I find the patch/installation files to updated to 2.02?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Frank E. Friedman
Ohio Industrial Commission
frank.friedman -at- ic state oh us