No, it is not correct. This a a typographical error. The text should be "nlsxbe.dll".


>>> <> 4/19/2006 7:12 AM >>>

Hi all

We are trying to set up a connection between eDir(
and Lotus Notes(6.02.CF/Win2000) via Remoteloader(IDM3).
Now i found a difference between the documentation of IDM3 and the
previous docs.
In the Document: "Identity Manager Driver for Lotus Notes: Implementation
the following sentence changed:

"Without this directory in the Windows system path, the JVM* might have
difficulty locating the Domino shared libraries required by Notes.jar,
such as nxlsbe.dll."

The file nxlsbe.dll was replaced by the file nlsxbe.dll! Is this correct.
I cannot find the file nxlsbe.dll on any of our systems.

any suggestions?

Thank you