I am trying to set a Value that I can test against. It appears that if I
use Local Variable it only works within that policy set?

So I thought I would set an Operational property.

However when I test for that Operational property within the Output
transformation on a AD driver. The property is not there. (I used a trace
to screen to show)

Do I need to add it to the Schema Mapper? (I don't want to do anything
with it other than test for it in my coding.)

What I am trying to achieve:
Basically I get a delete. works
I Strip the deletion. works
I set the account to disabled. works
I move the DN into a inactive account. works

I then want to Strip the showInAddressBook attribute (which I am trying to
do in the Output Trans. This rule works but I am trying to on stript if a
operational property is Set. Not working

Any help would be great