I have two questions regarding creating a unique name (unique "CN").

I have a production netware tree (netware 6.5 SP5) tied to a flat
identity vault (netware 6.5 SP5). Both running IDM 3 and using the edir
to edir driver. I also have a Lotus Notes server (also 6.5) connected
with the latest Notes driver.

I used the unique name token in policy builder and modified the placement
policy on the publisher channel of the flat identity vault. It
worked...sort of.

I wanted a max of 8 characters, and 01 then 02, etc (first initial of
given name + 5 of surname and then the two digit number). I noticed that
the first attempt at creating a unique name didn't add the counter
digits. In other words:

Joe Johnson = JJohnson
Jane Johnson = JJohn
Jeff Johnson = JJohns01

What I'd really like is a way to do this from the production system so it
entered the identity vault correctly and propagated the unique CN to all
other connected systems properly.

Right now, because edirectory doesn't care if the same CN is used in
different containers we can have two JJohnson's in the production tree
but one will always have a different ID in the connected system.

Any help is appreciated.