Resolution: Verify IDM is installed and running on server "xxxx".

OK, I'm feeling really silly again :>

I have IDM up and running fine in my vault and in my connected ADS
system. However, I'm having issues getting it up and running in my
production E-Directory tree.

I installed a new Windows 2003 SP1 server with E-directory 8.7.3 into my
production tree. I then installed IDM 3.0 along with C1, Imanager,
Designer 2.02M and the latest Novell Client.

When deploying the Edir2Edir driver set to sync my production tree to
the vault I get the error above as soon as I try to deploy the driver
set for my production tree. The driver set in the Vault pointing to my
prod tree deploys w/o a problem.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled IDM3.0 on the new server.
I ensured the user installing the tree was admin to ROOT so the schema
could extend properly.
The items that are different about this server are that

1) It's running Edir 8.7.3 ( I placed 8.8 on my other boxes )
2) It contains no replicas

I know this is going to be a "Duh" but it was not working last night and
the good ole let it sit till morning has not seemed to help.