I am trying to sync the Users from one NDS tree to another. The first
tree is the source, the second tree (destination) is running Identity
Manager 3.

I have setup the edirectory Shim and it is running but I'm unsure how
to further configure it for correct operation. I have enabled verbose
logging on the edirectory driver and this is the output I get:

Message 1:
Tue Apr 11 14:53:35 EST 2006
<status level="retry" type="app-connection">java.net.ConnectException:
Connection refused<application>DirXML</application>
<module>eDirectory Driver</module>
<component>DirXML Engine</component>
No object name provided.

Message 2:
Tue Apr 11 14:53:35 EST 2006
No description provided.
Code(-8001) Unable to retrieve application

Any assistance is appeciated.