Help, I'm trying to setup IDM in a test environment before deploying
company wide, but I'm not getting very far. 3-4 Reinstalls so far today
have give the same exact error.............

"Error,No description provided.,Code(-9046) Invalid password specified
for <check-password>."

TID10099778 did not really seem to help.

Fact: Installed IMD3 in a stand-along Windows 2003 SP1 server with along

Fact: Installed IDM Connected System Driver on a Windows 2003 ADS
server. ( Single Server in ADS Tree )

Fact: Installed and Used Both Designer 1.1 and the latest stable build
of 2.0 ( Fresh Installs for each w/o luck)

Fact: Negotiation is the type of authentication being selected. The
"password" being used is the same password for everything in the test
evironment from each UserID to Driver password. The password is also
being cut/paste from a test document to avoid typographical errors.

Fact: Authentication Options (As Viewed in Imanager)
Authentication Model:Negotiate
Digitally Sign Communication:No
Digitally Sign and Seal Communication:No
Use SSL for encryption:No
Logon and impersonate:yes

AuthenticationID: IDM3Test/administrator (Slash opposite way
still fails)

Authentication Context:IDMTestADCtrlr1.IDM3TEST.TESTGPI.COM
(Yes, pingable from both servers.)

Remote Loader Connection Parameters:
(hostname= port=8090)
(I know this works - placing invalid info produces more errors.)

I Built my ID Vault Object.
I ran through the AD Driver Wizard.
I configured the Remote Loader Driver on my ADS Server

When I start the Drivers I get the error...
"Code(-9046) Invalid password specified for <check-password>"
on my Publisher log files.

No errors on my other logs.

The Remote Loader Console Trace Screen shows...........

"DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver = \IDMTESTSTORE\IDM\IDMDrivers\Driver Set\ADDriver2
Thread = Publisher Channel
Level = warning
Message = Publisher Heartbeat is DISABLED"

which seems to be a good sign to me since I can clear this error by
adding a heartbeat and it shows that the Remote Loader is talking to
E-Dir and the driver/policy info.

Creating a User in AD Results in the Following.........

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver = \IDMTESTSTORE\IDM\IDMDrivers\Driver Set\ADDriver2
Thread = Publisher Channel
Object = CN=bob e. johns,OU=Corp,OU=GPI,DC=IDM3TEST,DC=TESTGPI,DC=COM
Level = warning
Message = Code(-8016) Operation vetoed by object matching
<object-dn>CN=bob e.
johns,OU=Corp,OU=GPI,DC=IDM3TEST,DC=TESTGPI,DC=COM </object-dn>

I think this error is unrelated to the password error above but I though
t I would put it here in case it is relevent as well as maybe somebody
knows what this error is. But my first task is to get things to start
w/o errors in my logs.........

Creating a User in E-Dir Results in the Following................
(Nothing happens on the Remote Loader Console Screen)

Bi-Directional synch is configured and the created ID is in the base OU
that is marked as the root of the Synchs. I suspect this is a direct
result of the password error.