Hi folks,

I have two Questions for you Gurus out there

<B>Question # 1:</B>

A very common question to ask!, I have a .CSV driver configured (app-to-
eDirectory). On Creation Policy of the CSV driver, I want to create user's
unique Email address in eDirectory based on their Givenane
+"."+Surname@domain.com string policy.

I use the Unique Name() function in the Policy builder to get unique
internet Email Address of the current user from the eDirectory, but when i
test my rule, it finds a unique Email Address as


The results that i was support to get was Givename+"."+Surname1@domain.com

Has anyone out there solved this issue before??

<B>Question #2</B>

Does any one know, how to specify Class-Name in the Unique Name ???, For
Example i want to find unique Alias in the eDirectory ??????

I have manually tried to insert class-name element from the XML view in
the Unique Name() function, but from the Trace when i see, it is actually
sending query for the User Class to find out unique Alias!!!!!

Has anyone knows the solution ????,


Maqsood A. Bhatti
Oslo, Norway.