In our lab, I have:
Production tree: ACME (server: ACME1 running NW 6.5 SP3)
Vault tree: ACME-IDV (server: ACME2 running NW 6.5 SP5)
AD: ACME-AD (server: ACME3 running Windows
2003 Server)

We are uing IDM3 Metadirectory running on server ACME2.

Sychrnonization between ACME-AD and ACME-IDV is working great.

I'm now trying to setup the eDirectory Driver on the production tree
"ACME-EDIR" but I keep getting the same error:
Error: Driver Wizard - Error
The following 'Snapin Exception' was thrown.
''com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExce ption: (Error -714) The
operation was not implemented.''.

Installed on ACME1
-eDirecory ID Mgr Driver
-ID Mgr Web Components
- ID Mgr Driver Configurations
- Novell iMgr Plug-ins for IDM

To get this error, I connect to production tree via iManager.
-> iMgr -> ID Mgr Utilities -> New Driver
-> Select "In a new drive set"
Enter information for the following fields.
Name: ACME Driver Set
Context: ACME
Server: ACME1.ACME
Click <Next>

Your help would be very appreciated. Mgmt want me to go live with this in
June and i've been stuck on this one for nearly 2 weeks. I even restored
this server, ACME1, to an earlier state but no luck.