Hi all!
I'm in a identity management project and the costumer was changed the way
to disable a user at all of systems. One system is Lotus Notes.

All drivers looks the "employeeStatus" eDirectory attribute to know if a
user is active, blocked ou inactive. When status is "BLOCKED" I need to
disable Notes account (the user must be member of deny access group). I
can't use "Login Disabled" eDirectory attribute because some reasons and
limitations in the project. Well, if I don't use "Login Disabled" attribute
the Notes account don't be moved to the deny access group.

I changed a command transformation policy and replaced all references to
Login Disabed with the new attribute (employeeStatus). I'm thinking that
the problem is about the type of 'eployeeStatus' attribute. The Login
Disabled is a state and employeeStatus is a string attribute.

Anybode here can help me to disable the Notes account?

Alan Cota.