Currently I have everything running between eDir and AD, meaning users,
groups, passwords etc.. get synced both ways. But I made a terribly stupid
fault, the root of my NDS/eDir is synced to the CN=Users in AD and as you
know on a CN in Windows you can't attache group policies. So I want to move
the sync from CN=Users to OU=All Users. The novell environment is a live
one, the AD is a semi-live environment. What should I do in order to get
the driver to sync to OU=All Users instead of CN=Users. And what are the
steps to be taken in order not to lose any records. This is what I think I
should do.
1. Stop the driver on my novell server
2. Stop the remote loader service on my windows server
3. ????change something in order to sync to the right OU= All Users
4. Move All Users and Groups in AD from CN=Users to OU= All Users
5. Start the driver
6. Start the remote loader service
7. Go and have a drink :-)