AD driver, using IDM 3 --

We have existing users in AD that have "customized" display name values
that differ from the full name value for that same user in the Meta tree.

When we merge, we want the custom AD value to "win". Setting the merge
authority to "application" in the filter, seems to have no effect at all.
Each time, the edir value wins. Similarly with setting the merge authority
to "none".

To simplify, we began testing the same process, but using the "description"
field instead of "full name", on the theory that perhaps all of the naming
issues surrounding full name, name, cn, etc .... between edir and ad were
responsible for the failure.

However, even with description, no matter what we set the merge authority
to, the "winning" attribute is always the one from edir.

Is this by design? Is this broken code?

Any suggestions as to how to move forward with this?