Hi, an IDM newbie here and I am trying to setup mirroring of one eDirectory
tree to another using IDM3.

What I got from the DirXML driver for eDirectory documentation is :

"The DirXML® Driver for eDirectoryTM is designed to synchronize objects and
attributes between different eDirectory trees (both internal or external
This driver is unique among all other DirXML drivers. Because you are
synchronizing data between eDirectory trees, you will always have two
drivers installed, each in its own tree. The driver in one tree communicates
with the driver in the other tree.

For example, the publisher channel in TreeA communicates with the subscriber
in TreeB; and conversely, the publisher in TreeB communicates with the
subscriber in TreeA. Therefore, the installation and configuration of the
driver must be completed twice---once for the eDirectory driver in TreeA and
once for the driver in TreeB."

So .. what I do not get is how two sets of channels could co-exist between
two eDir trees - as we have TWO drivers and two ID vaults. This is what
Designer drew for me and there are two sets of everything it seems .. so
there is some data flow from TreeA to TreeB via the publisher channel of one
driver AND via the subscriber channel of the other driver, isn't it so ?
Won't there be a conflict as different rules may apply to the same data to
flow in the same directions betweeen the same two trees ?