I am trying to do my first ( non-test this time ) installation of IDM3 on
Win 2003 SP1 box. I just have installed eDir 8.7.3 on that server ( and
patched it to, from memory ), as a new single server tree ( to be an
identity vault later ) - it seems to be working Ok. I believe 8.7.3 is
supported by IDM3 ( according to the documentation ).

When installing IDM3 at some point it comes up with 'no valid installation
of eDirectory can be found, do you want to proceed ?' I do and the rest
seems to be going Ok, it then still comes up with an authentication form for
that tree on the Schema Extension page and it the end installation ends

I had one problem with eDirectory on that server that the "the net address"
of the server could not be found, or set ( in dsrepair ), so once I have
added server name to its hosts file the problem seemed to be fixed. I then
ran IDM installation again but no go, it still says 'no valid eDirectory can
be found'.

Now when I am trying to create my first driver in iManager using the wizard
it ends with the error that the driver could not be created - with no reason
or error codes. I do not know if this is related .. the setup is really
quite basic and it did work for me before on my test SLES9 server ( although
that was IDM2 not 3 ).

Any ideas ?