Has anyone experienced the following with groupwise distribution lists.
Hopefully I am missing something here, however I cannot think of a good

IDM 2.0.2
Groupwise Driver 2.1.4

Remove Users from Distribution lists WHEN Login Expiration Time has passed
and set NGW: Visibility = None

The rules in the default driver simply look for the existence of the Login
Expiration Time attribute, then strip the userís distribution list attribute.

Got a temp for the week.
Create the account
Add to Groups which sync to distribution lists
Set Login Expiration time to Friday
The user is immediately removed from distribution lists because he has a
login expiration time attr - if login expiration time changing to .* then
clear destination attribute value("Distribution List DN",class name="User")

Evaluate the login expiration time against the event timestamp. If Login
expiration time is less than the timestamp (which is unlikely as it should
be a date in the future) then do the operations. If not leave it. However
there is no event in EDirectory when Login expiration time elapses so until
there is an event on the user object, it will not be removed from dist
lists which may be some time after the login expiration.

Would like to monitor an event which notifies when a userís Login
Expiration Time has elapsed. When this occurs, remove the user from
distribution lists and set NGW: Visibility = None.
However, there is no event when a userís login expiration time has expired
so the only way I see to perform the required operation is to evaluate the
Login expiration time of all users when any events pass thru dirxml. This
obviously adds overhead and the operation is not event driven. i.e. if the
login expiration is 10am, the remove from dist list events will not occur
until the next dirxml event which could be several minutes later.
Would be nice if EDirectory set the Login Disabled attribute to true when
the Login expiration time has elapsed. This would generate an event which
could be used to remove the user from dist lists and set visibility to none.

Although the Login expiration time syncs successfully and access to the GW
account is disabled, the only way I see to achieve the objective is to
disable logins manually (set Login Disabled = True). This of course removes
automation from the process and requires a manual procedure as a sysadmin
has to be involved.