ok previous i was struggling to the the pwd sync to change from installed
to running. it is now doing this - wanted the full distinguished name and
then it started to run.

i still seem to jhave sync problems though.

what we actually want to do is.

we have some users in an AD setup and they have an nds account as well. on
their pc's which are xp sp2 no firewall - we have joined them to domain
and then they have a zen 7 client which authenticates via a middle tier.
we have the dirxml serice on a netware box and the remote loader is on a
dc in the ad - it's a patched idm 2.01 we are using.

what we basically want is when they are prompted to change the AD
password - it then changes the edir one as well.

what actually changes the password - i assume that the client is
irrelevant and the pwd filter on the AD box captures the password and then
squirts it to the edir?