Yesterday I stopped my ADS connector (DirXML 1.1a on eDir,
because I added a new attribute to Subscriber und Pubisher Filter.
Then I tried to start it again and nothing happend.
The message in the small window which appeared said "unable
to start the driver. Driver is disabled"
So I tried to change startup option from disabled back to manual, but to
my surprise everytime the option goes back to disabled after closing the
window with OK.
I'd like to know if someone has experiance with this error.

Extract from Status Log:

Message 37:
Thu Mar 16 10:04:54 CET 2006
Error = -707 [0xFFFFFD3D]
DirXML Driver experienced CACHE error

Message 38:
Thu Mar 16 10:05:10 CET 2006
Error = -734 [0xFFFFFD22]
Purge of DirXML Driver Cache failed for Subscriber

Message 39:
Thu Mar 16 10:05:10 CET 2006
Driver state changed to Stopped

Until now we got this resp. a driver cache error on 2 or 3 different
Servers (dont know if the errorcode is the same) and with different
connectors, so it has probably nothing to do with the connector and its
Perhaps its something with the server itself.
On the other servers we were able to restart the crashed connector
afterwards, but not on the one that crashed yesterday.

It would be nice if anyone could give me a hint, what the problem is.
I already googled the newsgroups and searched the knowledgebase, but I
couldn't find anything matching to my problem.

Thanks in advance,