I've got Dirxml starter pack running on NW6.5 in a test lab to try it out.
Couple of questions:

1) The iManager DirXML Overview page keeps telling me the evaluation runs
out in June, but I was under the impression that the Starter pack with the
AD Driver was bundled with NW6.5 as a full package i.e. not limited to 3
months usage. Is this not the case?

2) I'm not sure whast version of DirXMl the starter pack is. The version of
Dirxml.nlm is 1.12. I see there's a DirXML 1.1a version, is this just a
patched starter pack or a proper upgrade I can download?
If it's an upgrade, where is it? I can't find it anywhere. All I can find is
DirXML Update for Win32,Netware & Unix(LS) - TID2966617.


Steve Law