I have a problem with using a different infotype for eMail addresses in
SAP-HR and wonder if any other SAP-HR installation user has experienced
and overcome this problem......

- - - - -

1) The default infotype in SAP-HR for holding the Internet EMail Address
is P0105:USRID:MAIL:78:30

In the Novell default SAP-HR IDM Connector configuration, this is
covered by two settings:

a) in Mapping, the eDirectory's 'Internet EMail Address' attribute is
mapped to Application's 'P0105:USRID:MAIL:78:30'

b) in Driver Configuration/Driver Parameters/Driver Settings, there is
an <nsap-commattr>MAIL</nsap-comattr> element, which instructs the
Driver Shim's Subscriber Channel to handle <remove-all-values/> and
<remove-value/> in a special way.

- - - - -

2) Our SAP-HR system does not use the P0105:USRID:MAIL:78:30 infotype
because it is too short to hold an eMail address. Instead the SAP-HR
system uses 'P0105:USRID_LONG:0010:108:241'.

In our SAP-HR Connector configuration I have

a) modifed the mapping
b) modified the Driver Setting to be <nsap-comattr>0010</nsap-comattr>

- - - - -

3) On the Publisher Channel, everything works great, the eMail address
comes through the HRMD_A06 iDoc as P0105:USRID_LONG:0010:108:241, gets
mapped to Internet EMail Address and is inserted in the eDirectory

- - - -

4) On the Subscriber Channel:

a) Any additions to the Internet EMail Address are well handled and an
additional P0105:USRID_LONG:0010:108:241 item appears in SAP-HR for
every Internet EMail Address that is added to the eDirectory object

b) !!BUT!!, the Driver Shim Subscriber Channel is not doing any special
handling for <remove-all-values/> or <remove-value/>. The shim
completely ignores any remove instruction thus redundant items remain in
the SAP-HR database.

I presume that the Driver Shim is ignoring the <nsap-comattr>0010</nsap-
comattr> element, because the infotype is USRID_LONG instead of USRID.
Or perhaps, it can only handle USRID and an offset of 78 and a length of

- - - - -

4) SO, I wonder has anyone else encountered the need to replace the
eMail infotype with a different infotype and managed to persuade the
Driver Shim's Subscriber Channel to handle <remove-all-values/> and
<remove-value/> commands properly?

Rgds - Martyn

p.s. Our SAP-HR system does not use 'P0006:TELNR:US01:195:14' for
Telephone Number, it uses 'P0105:USRID:WORK:78:30'. By changing the
mapping; adding <nsap-comattr>WORK</nsap-comattr>; and removing <nsap-
addrattr>US01</nsap-addrattr>, the Driver Shim Subscriber Channel is
able to handle the substitution of Telephone Number perfectly