I have installed eDirectory on RHEL4_U3 Linux and have started the
installation of Password Management for Novell eDirectory 2.0.2 for iManager

The installer seems to log into the directory just fine (if I use an invalid
login, the error message is entirely different -- unable to login to extend
the schema). The error I get after the iManager port/SSH screen is:

"Cannot validate user information for plug-in install"
"The user credentials entered are wrong. Please make sure the user name and
password are correct. Also, make sure iManager is running."

iManager is running fine -- I have tried it without the Update 5 patch and
with the patch installed with the same error. I have iManager using the
default 8080/8443 ports, with the install-generated certificate. Now, I get
the same error regardless if I specify 8080 or 8443/ssl. After the failure
message, the screen redirects back to the iManager Server Information page.

Any help would be appreciated!!!