On of my edir connected systems from the Vault is serviced by 2 ediredir
drivers due to haveing to provision 2 separate accounts sometimes. Works
fine. But when I move accounts I get an association error due to the
container only associated with one driver. I cannot fix that--nor I for some
reason cannot get my manual associations to work:



So edirdriverA is responsible for ou=studnets
edirdriverB is responsible for ou=employees

each of those takes people in the vault from ou=persons and decides if they
need 2 accounts or 1(same and different dn's due to listserver function.
dont ask!)

That works. The problem is when I goto move people in the vault to the
ou=disabled container. Since that container is only associated with
edirdriverA---only ou=students will successfully move.

I have tried a migrate from the other driver to build an association and get
a 606. Each time I put a manual association in for edirDriverB I get a 654
partition busy on the move---then it moves. I have no idea on that. So I may
be created my manual assocatoin wrong.

Still there should be a way for ou=disabled to have a valid(automatic)
association for each driver??