I ran the script from Nsure 3.0, and started the driver, hopeing that it
would work right out of the box. Of, course it doesn't. I set the
password, etc. None of the account data, etc is going to the indirect tables.

Here is a section of the log file.

<sql-state-class description="connectivity-related">
<sql-state description="login failed">
<!-- error code: 0 -->
<error-code description="login failed">
<!-- sql-state: 01ZZZ -->
<error-code description="SET CHAINED command not allowed within
multi-statement transaction">
<!-- sql-state: ZZZZZ -->

It appears that it doesn't like the idm account with the novell password.
Anyideas of what I might be missing. I am not versed at this Sybase/JDBC
driver very well.