I assume that you are actually querying AD for the "dn" attribute and
that is what is getting converted to eDir format? The way you can stop
this from happening is to add a rule to the input transformation that
changes the type of the "dn" attribute from "dn" to "string". Something

<description>Change type of "dn" attribute</description>
<if-operation op="equal">instance</if-operation>
<do-reformat-op-attr name="dn">
<token-local-variable name="current-value"/>


Father Ramon

maqsoodb@online.no wrote:
> Hi
> When i query for dest-dn from the Event transformation policies on the
> subscriber channel of Active Directroy Driver, so i get value as null
> back!!
> From the treace i can see the query result in <output> xml document has
> the (AD dest-dn format)dest-dn value, but when it hits the Schem Mapping
> on the subscriber so it converts the AD dest-dn back to the Edir DN
> format, and then my variable (for dest-dn) gets value null!!!!!
> The value im interested in is to get Active Directoy (format) dest-dn to
> a varibale in the Event Transformation policy in the subscriber channel.
> and opertion is Modify, and association is association and whe a
> attribute changes to a specific value:
> Example:
> (sudo.code)
> if op= modify
> if association = associated
> if op-attr[my-attribute] changing-to = 'my-string'
> set local-var(my-var)
> dest-dn()
> set dest-att-value(email) event=<B>direct</B>
> local-var(my-var)
> veto()
> Any help please???
> Maqsood A. Bhatti
> Oslo, Norway.