Dear all,

I'm struggling to find the right notation for configuring my primary
key parameters on a subscriber channel.

I have a view called 'v_group' which maps to a table called 'group'.
The primary key in 'v_group' is 'pk_key' which maps to the primary key
column 'system_id' in the table 'group'.

The database contains a trigger called sp_nextkey which takes one
parameter: the name of the table for which it has to generate a new
key, e.g. 'group'.

What is the notation of my 'method and time table local' config on the
subscriber channel?

I've tried v_group("sp_nextkey(pk_key)") which suits of course idm's
requirements demanding to know the column in the view or table, but
this way I haven't told the stored procedure for which table to
generate the key.

I've tried anything from v_group("sp_nextkey(pk_key,group)") to
v_group("sp_nextkey(pk_key)","group") etc.

Where do I enter this param / what's the notation? I rather not create my
own procedure in my own schema to do this for me but reuse existing

Hope you can help!

Best regards,