We are synchronizing Corporate Distribution Directory(CDD) and Phoenix
Directory. MailActive of CDD is synchonized to Internet Email Address of
Phoenix directory. otherRfc822Mailboxes should only be populated if
Internet Email Address is present in Phoenix directory.

The problem is when I create an object with otherRfc822Mailboxes available
and MailActive is not available. Since MailActive<=>Internet Email Address
is not available, otherRfc822Mailboxes should not be populated in phonenix.
But I'm unable to do-clear-dest-attribute because the object is yet to be

The only way is some how I have to block or remove the add entry of the
otherOfc822Attribute ie.*add-attr attr-name='otherOfc822Mailboxes'* before
the object being added.

Anyone have idea or solution for this situation?