I've just install DirXML starter pack on NW6.5 SP4a, and am getting the
following error when trying to create a new driver set in iManager:

"Driver Wizard - Error:
*Internal Error* - Merge File Missing"

I see from the old Dirxml forum that several others had this error on SP4a
and SP3, but no solution seemed forthcoming. Can anyone advise?


Steve Law

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I originally posted this problem on November 28, 2005 and did not get any
I have found a couple of other posts on this problem, one on NW65 SP3,
also with out any replies.

The issue is a new driver set cannot be created on a clean build NW65 SP4a
server. The wizard returns: ERROR: DRIVER WIZARD - ERROR
*Internal Error* - Merge File Missing
I can build a server at SP2 and everything works OK.

This appears to be happening on SP3 and SP4 build servers. So it seems
something related to the OES release is affecting DirXML.

Can the sysop pass this on to Novell Support or Engineering to verify?
Since there are not any replies from the user community I have to assume
no one is installing DirXML at either of these to SP levels.

P.S. After creating the driver on a SP2 server, I upgraded to SP4a and
everything remained functional. I did not try deleting the driver set and
making a new one.

Much Thanks, Rich