Dear All,

- eDir : I user IDM2.0.2 on eDir on NW 6.5 via iManager 2.5

- AD : Window 2000 Server set to BDC install Remote Loader and config
PassSync filter then restart server (PassSync filter is installed and config to
all DCs)

1) Password change from eDir to AD is fine.
2) Password change from DCs(Window 2000 Server) to eDir is fine.
3) Password change from client of AD(WinXP) which join to a member of a
Domain CANNOT SYNCH to eDir.
4) Password change from client of AD is changed in DCs.

All clients of AD have no NW client installed. I used to synch the pwd from
client of AD to eDir without NW client installed in the test environment.

Looks like Trace Log level 3 in DS Trace is not catch the change of the

Any suggestions ?