I want to install the IDM2 Bundle on an OES SP1 Server and on a Windows 2003
SP1 Server to Sync eDirectory and Active Directory.

I haven't gotten very far. I have a couple of questions about the Selection
of Components and Drivers during the Installation on OES.

Components Screen:
The Components Options listed were: (1) DirXML Server; (2) DirXML Web
Components; and (3) Utilities. They were all pre-selected. I did not
modify the selections.
Question: Shouldn't the "Connected System" Option have been listed ?? I
would not have selected it, but I expected to see it.

Drivers Screen:
On the next screen, a few drivers were pre-selected, however, the Active
Directory Driver was greyed out.
Question: Isn't the AD Driver the one I need ??

Please advise.