Am a relatively new to both Novell and Identity Manager and am busy testing
it in a lab. I would appeciate some help or pointers as I the Novell
Documentation just ooes not make sense to me.

Test Environment:
IDM 2 (as that is what we bought one month before Novell released IDM3!!
IDM Tree (EDir) 6.5
VM Tree (EDir) 6.5
NT4Domain/Exchange 5.5
HR APP (In House DB with SQL Backend)

I have loaded all the prerequisites and have my IDM tree talking to my Test
NT4 Domain and Exchange 5.5 server. Users created on either side get pushed
to the opposite side. So far so good.

Now trying to get the SQL App to push data to the IDM Tree which will then
hopefully populate NT4/Exch 5.5.

I have loaded JDBC drivers for MSSQL2000 and am trying to use the prebuilt
IDM database that is built on SQL2K via the SCRIPT that come with the JDBC
2.1 drivers.

What is the best method for getting this IDM Database schema to work to
talk to the my Test IDM tree?
What is the difference between indirect and direct syncrhonisation? What is
the better one to use?

The documentation that accompanies JDBC 2.1 drivers is geared toward
programmers, but there seems to be no documention on how to use the IDM
Database schema as Novell has built it..

Many thanks for your help