we have a jdbc connector to an Oralce 9iR2 database and are seeing
extremely poor performance. audit is disabled and when executing select
queries against the desired tables and views within the database, we time
the queries around .06 s (so they are pretty quick. we also see only
moderate CPU usage.

in general, we see no errors, the events are being successfully
processed, but we only see 2 events being processed per 10 seconds. i
have tried increasing the batch size which simply causes it to retrieve X
number of events but they still only get processed as 2 per interval. i
have also tried reducing the polling interval but anything less than 10
doesn't seem to make a difference (it continues to process at 10 second

any suggestions? has any seen something similar before?

out of curiousity, on average how many events do people see per polling
cycle? i realize that there are many factors that can influence that
such as DB response time, number of query-backs, the servers themselves,
etc., but just curious anyways.