TID 10065317
references a Java documentation URL that is not valid any more.

I am looking for right syntax to configure for IDM 2.x text file driver
("Source file encoding"). The NW 6.5.3 is server running with US code
page and when importing text file scandinavian characters (едц) these
chars are mishandled.

Novell documentation advices four options (UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1
and US-ASCII) for XML parser but for text files (as I understood) the
statement is as follows:
"To use an encoding other than the default for your locale, enter one
of the canonical names from the Supported Encodings table."

I tried "437" for the field "Source File Character Encoding" but it did
not work.

Can anyone point me the right syntax field?

Regards, Harri