Am I trying to do the impossible? I have a JDBC to IDM driver working using the publisher channel. I want to manage NDS Groups and memberships based upon data in the JDBC database. Some sample data is below.

I already have students being created and added to known static NDS groups. In this case however, I have both dyanmic groups and memberships. In other words, I don't know what the NDS group is until it is created based upon information in the JDBC database.

Eg. The following data needs to create subject group 'Accounting' and add the students to it.

pk_subjects sjv_sub_abrev sjv_sub_code sjv_sub_desc sjv_stud_code sjv_stud_year_grp
-------------- ---------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------- --------------------
AC 006018302 AC 0060 Accounting 18302 12
AC 006018347 AC 0060 Accounting 18347 12
AC 006018351 AC 0060 Accounting 18351 12

The data above creates the group 'Accounting' and adds the first student 18302. The rest of the lines after doing a lookup on the group CN, produce an error saying that the record in question, (The first Line above) is already associated. This makes sense as there is a one to one relationship between the first record and the NDS Group. How do I get it to process the additional lines and add students 18347 and 18351 to the original group 'Accounting'. Each record needs to be synced as students will move subjects in the year and this needs to be dynamically updated in NDS. (Accounts Group membership).


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