We're running IDM 2 and Password Sync 2, syncing between eDir 8.8 and
AD. eDir 8.8 has been installed on the box and we are using local AD
drivers. Filters have been installed on both the IDM machine and the
other Domain Controller.

In the Event Viewer Password Sync on the IDM box generates several
Information Entries saying that the Driver is and is NOT synchronizing
passwords with the domain controller. (Event ID's 8 and 9) Sometimes
generating 4+ such events int eh same second. Sometimes NOT syncing for
10+ minutes. User syncs still go through even when the password sync
seems to be down, but it's hard to tell if it always catches up for
passwords once the sync comes back. And we have had reports of passwords
not syncing for users.

This has been happening since I installed IDM, but I have yet to find
anyone else having the same problem on IDM 2. One of the main problems
with this is that once the Password Sync log fills up password syncing
stops entirely, and changes to the purging of the PS log tend to get
reset whenever we give the PS Configuration a funny look.

Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Phil Wilson
Application Developer
Highline Community College