I've just installed eDirectory 8.8 and IDM 3 on one linux box. This box
is configured with virtual interfaces so that multiple trees can use
their own ip address. For example:

Tree1 eth0:1
Tree2 eth0:2

I can use ncp on port 524 for both trees, because i can restrict nds to
a specific virtual interface. The same trick is not possible for nldap.
If one ldap service of a tree is configured to use port 389 no other
tree can use port 389 anymore. One instance of nldap binds 389 on ALL
interfaces. Sounds like a bug to me. I achieved a workaround by
specifying a different port for each nldap instance on each server in
the tree. How can i submit this bug?

The main problem right now is that I can't use an IDM eDir-eDir setup
with two trees connected on one box. If i start the driver in one tree,
the configured port for that driver is bound on all interfaces and not
the virtual interface only. This means that the driver in the second
tree can't start, because the port on its own virutal interface is
already taken by the first tree.

Anybody noticed this behaviour? Anybody knows a solution for this (i'm
already thinking about buying extra NIC's)


Sebastiaan Veldhuisen