Thanks for the help so far, see previous post. First off we do have the
users already created on both sides, eDirectory and Active Directory. We
are trying to just use one point of administration, hence the
installation of the identity Manager. I know where you are talking about
the matching rules but I do not know if you are saying we need to add a
new rule or change one of the ones already there by default. Creating a
new users seems to work fine but just have an issue getting the current
users to sync from both sides. If we wanted to create a matching rule
that matched the Novell Login name with the acocunt login name in Active
Directory what would the rule look like? When we try to migrate JSmith
from eDirectory to AD it says the account already exist but it will not
create an assoication once it finds it. The JSmith the driver finds on
AD is the correct one but it just does not create the association. Any
help on creating a rule to sync existing users together would be greatly

Rick Huskey, CNE, MCSE