I am using the JDBC driver with IDM 2 and have created a policy to send
an email. As part of the email it needs to include the value that is
stored against Facsimile Telephone Number so it reads this from
eDirectory (see code snippet below). It reads the value correctly, but
then adds a zero to the end.

I have viewed the trace and it looks like it is picking this up
from "faxBitCount".

Any ideas what is going on and how I fix it?



Email policy extract

<token-text xml:space="preserve">Dect: </token-text>
<token-src-attr name="Facsimile Telephone Number"/>

Trace extract

<attr attr-name="Facsimile Telephone Number">
<value timestamp="1140012006#8" type="structured">
<component name="faxNumber">654</component>
<component name="faxBitCount">0</component>
<component name="faxParameters"></component>